Thursday, December 27, 2007

Let's get this straight...

Before we get really started here, I think I should make something plain and clear: I'm no one important

By which I mean that I do not have any special contacts at Marvel or DC. I don't have the secret phone numbers of Dan Didio or Joe Quesada or Gareb Shamus. If I call any of these companies, I won't get any further than any of the rest of you and that's my point. I'm not an insider, I'm not a crusading reporter, I'm just a fan... like all of you.

I've paid my dues as a fan. Forty years of buying comics with my own hard-earned money. I've spent most of my life reading comics and reading about them. But I'm no more special than anyone else in your local comic shop.

I don't get to the front of autograph lines at conventions. Big shot creators don't buy me drinks at hotel convention bars. They don't call me late at night to tell me all the hot gossip and the 'real' story about why someone was replaced on a book or outright fired. I don't know the plot lines for upcoming comics. I don't get 'comp' copies or perks for reviews. I'm just a regular guy who likes to read comic books.

And that is what will make this blog special. Every post here comes from the viewpoint of a fan. I'm speaking for me, an average fan, who can stay silent no longer. I'm speaking for older fans in particular who remember farther back than the last couple years of issues. We're the forgotten majority who aren't even represented all that well at the very companies that claim to want our consumer loyalty. Sure, they'll take our money but will they really listen to what we have to say?

I don't expect this blog to make big changes at comic companies or even ripples in the blogosphere. I just hope that you, the reader, will enjoy what you find here and maybe even agree with a post or two. There's a lot of good comic blogs out there and I hope that you'll add this one to your regular surfing.

My name's Sam Gafford and I'm a fan. Let's talk comics.

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