Monday, January 28, 2008

Everybody run, Captain America Has-Got-A-Gun!

That old Julie Brown 80's song is going through my head this afternoon. Why? Because this Wednesday, Captain America returns to Marvel comics and he's packing heat!

As reported in the New York Daily News (that paragon of journalistic integrity), Bucky will take over the cowl of the deceased Star Spangled Avenger. And he's going to have a gun.

The escalation in firepower is explained thusly:

"It's a little jarring for some people to see that," said the book's writer, Ed Brubaker. "[But] people forget that Captain America carried a gun a lot in World War II. Every three covers there was a shot of Captain America with a machine gun or a flamethrower - or an atom bomb."

Ok. Yes, Cap carried a gun and other weapons in the 1940s but there's one little difference between then and now... HE WAS FIGHTING A FRICKING WAR!!!!!!!!!! So unless Cap is going to invade Iraq, the new pistol packing Cap doesn't appeal to me.

The page that Marvel had the NYDN (that News bastion that it is) use to illustrate this shows Cap shooting three AIM agents in the leg. Is it just me or is the sight of Cap shooting a gun just WRONG on so many levels??

First the real Cap, then Spider-Man and now this fake Cap. When will Quesada be stopped? Remember that this is the same editor who thought that a gay Rawhide Kid was a good idea. Which, as far as Marvel and Q are concerned, it was because it sold books and made the news.

Too bad as much attention isn't given to just writing good stories and having the characters act the way that 40 years of continuity says that they should.


Anonymous said...

When I look at Captain America holding a gun I feel like I'm in a nightmare.

Anonymous said...

I love the title of this blog entry. It is seriously funny. I can see Cap running around like a crazy man waving a gun.